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“Our mission is to develop the desire, technology and infrastructure for the future implementation of the hyperloop system”

Inspired by Elon Musk's vision, a group of students from the Delft University of Technology joined together and founded Delft Hyperloop in 2016. Delft Hyperloop is developing a climate-neutral, scalable hyperloop system, becoming the fifth mode of transportation by reaching speeds over 1000 km/h. 

Delft Hyperloop is known as a so-called
D:Dream team from the Delft University of Technology. This means it is a non-profit organization that exists to stimulate innovations. A D:Dream team consists of new people every year. All the progress which is made by the previous teams is transferred to the next. This structure is created to stimulate the development of as many students as possible. Every team member dedicates one year of their time and efforts to contribute to the innovation of the hyperloop and to focus on personal development.  

From September 2021, we as
Delft Hyperloop VI are working towards an exciting challenge: winning the European Hyperloop Week (EHW). We will build upon five years of successful experience and multiple great performances in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition & the European Hyperloop Week.

This year, one of our goals is to work on developing  a levitating pod, which is a crucial step towards finalizing the Hyperloop concept. Furthermore, our focus will be on optimizing our magnetic propulsion. Last year, we were the only team who build a Linear Synchronous Motor. This experience will give us a strong base to build upon. 

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