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Academic year 23/24

Starting September 2023

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Are you interested in working on the future of mobility with a team consisting of motivated and ambitious students? Are you eager to challenge yourself, acquire new skills and compete in the European Hyperloop Week 2024? Apply now!

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


All open positions are available as both full-time and part-time. We have a preference for full-time engineers. 

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Full-Scale Engineer 

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As a Full-Scale Engineer, you will be conducting research on various topics regarding the hyperloop and the implementation of a hyperloop system. With the knowledge you gain, you will write scientific papers and contribute to the acceleration of the hyperloop implementation. We are looking for two Full-Scale Engineers, both full-time and part-time. 


Levitation Magnetics Engineer 

levitation (2).JPG

As a Levitation Magnetics Engineer, you are responsible for designing a second generation levitating suspension system. You will model complex magnetic physics and optimize the hardware for properties such as weight, drag, power and size. Magnetic behaviour presents tough design challenges which require a deep understanding of the physics and frequent cooperation with partners. 


Sense & Control Electrical Engineer


As a Sense & Control Electrical Engineer, you will be responsible for designing the PCBs of the pod. This task includes working with microcontrollers as well as researching and selecting the sensors for the system. You will develop a localization system to ensure the continuous tracking of the pod on the track at all times. Furthermore, you will contact numerous electronics companies to create the best possible electrical system. 


All-round Powertrain Engineer 

Technical details 7.PNG

As a Powertrain Mechanical Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and building the battery enclosure for the high-voltage system which includes a battery management system. This task requires absolute eye for detail and safety. On top of that, experience with CAD is required. 


Mechanical Engineer


As a Mechanical Engineer, you will be designing the braking system, the aeroshell and chassis for the pod. Additionally, you are responsible for the development of the track and the integration of all the sub-systems into the pod. You will design these systems in Siemens NX and analyzing them using Finite Element Methods. 

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