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Complete Pod Design Award

WE DID IT! Delft Hyperloop VI won the Complete Pod Design Award in the European Hyperloop Week.

After a year of hard work, long days, sometimes nights, it was nerve-wracking on Saturday 23rd of July in Hilversum.

The demonstration day was the moment where we had all been waiting for. Helios I had to compete against 3 other hyperloop pods.On the 3rd run on Saturday, the team and crowd went wild. Our pod performed better than we could imagine. Helios I performed two perfect runs, one using our regenerative braking and showing that our pod can move in both directions.

At the end of the day could even show a full-speed run levitating perfectly stable.On Sunday 24th of July, it was time for the award ceremony in Delft. All teams were excited and nervous at the same time. It was at the moment of handing out the final award: “Complete Pod Design Award” that the audience could hear a pin drop.

The Complete Pod Design Award goes to... DELFT HYPERLOOP!

It was an exciting and emotional moment for us as a team. A whole year lead up to this moment. And we did it. Next to receiving the Complete Pod Design Award, we also received the Innovation Award given out by Eurotube for being the most innovative team in the competition.

These achievements are of course not something we could have done on our own. This whole year, we had help from all of our partners in working towards this moment. For this, we thank you all so much!

The European Hyperloop Week

To accelerate the development of the Hyperloop concept, SpaceX organized the Hyperloop Pod Competition, until 2019. In this competition student teams around the globe were challenged to design and build a half-sized Hyperloop pod, to travel through a 1.2 km low-pressure tube, built by SpaceX in California, United States.  
After the first two SpaceX editions, four student teams (Delft Hyperloop, HYPED, Swiss Loop, Hyperloop UPV) decided to create a new competition that was more focused on the scalability of the hyperloop. This competition is the
European Hyperloop Week (EHW). 

The European Hyperloop week is a yearly international competition that is meant to bring together the hyperloop community and encourage innovations in the hyperloop industry. The EHW is consists of 25 international student teams, who compete with each other for developing the best scalable hyperloop system. The teams are able to compete in different awards. Each award focuses on a different aspect of a scalable hyperloop. This year's edition is taking place in
the Netherlands from 18th until the 24th of July

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Mechanical Subsystem Award

Tekengebied 2.png

Traction Subsystem Award

Tekengebied 3.png

Guiding Subsystem Award

Tekengebied 4.png

Electrical Subsystem Award

Tekengebied 5.png

Complete Pod Design Award

Tekengebied 6.png

Full-Scale Award

Tekengebied 7.png

In addition to the competition, the EHW enables companies, guest speakers, and hyperloop enthusiasts to discuss the feasibility, technology, and scalability of the hyperloop concept. This makes the EHW the perfect competition for accelerating the development of the future of transport, the hyperloop. 

Last year, we placed second in the competition. We won the
Mechanical Subsystem Award for our braking system, the Full-Scale Award for our scalability research and the Jury's Choice Award for the best propulsion concept.

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