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Do you want to be part of Delft Hyperloop VII from September 2022 until July 2023?

Are you interested in working on the future of mobility with a team consisting of motivated and ambitious students? Would you like to challenge yourself, learn new skills and compete in the European Hyperloop Week 2023? Apply now!

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Deadline for application: 23th of September 23:59

Should you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


Anker 1

Propulsion Engineer 


As an Electrical engineer, you will work on the next generation of linear magnetic motors. Its design will propel our Hyperloop with the highest efficiency and speed yet. In one year you will work within a high-performance team from start to finish on a novel motor which can be used in future Hyperloop implementations. The electrical control of a complex multi-input system at high speeds requires a deep technical understanding and frequent cooperation with partners.

Sense & Control Engineer


As Sense & Control Engineer, you are responsible for the software, as well as the electrical systems of the pod. This includes implementing software with challenging requirements, such as safety, high-speed communication and data processing,  as well as working with micro controllers and Printed Circuit Boards. Moreover, you will research and choose cutting edge sensors that will be on the pod and the track, for which you will implement software and interfaces as well.  Together with the rest of the Sense & Control department you will be collabarating a lot with all other departments to make sure the pod can reach its full potential.

Full-Scale Engineer 


As Full-Scale Engineer, you will be doing research on different topics regarding the hyperloop and the implementation of a hyperloop system. With the knowledge you gained, you will write scientific papers and contribute to the acceleration of the hyperloop implementation.

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