The 5th mode of transportation

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Transportation redefined

Transportation has not seen a revolution in over a hundred years.

Time for something new.

In 2013, Elon Musk introduced the solution: a high-speed transportation system using near-vacuum tubes in which pressurized vehicles travel. Due to low air resistance in the tubes, the vehicles can travel at speeds of over 1000 km/h while being more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and convenient than airplanes.

How the Hyperloop works
From Amsterdam to Paris...
...in less than 30 minutes! 
Why do we need a hyperloop?

As fast as a plane 

Air and rolling resistances are taken out of the equation, allowing for speeds over 1000 km/h (620 mph).

As convenient as a train 

 No need to wait in line for hours, every minute a Hyperloop Pod departs to your destination.


Pods travel extremely efficiently and gain their power from renewable energy sources such as the sun.

High safety standards

The safety and trustworthiness of the Hyperloop system receive our top priority.

High convenience and a comfortable environment

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