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17th of June at Stevinweg 4

On the 17th of June, Delft Hyperloop VII will present Helios II, their new prototype that they have worked so hard on for the past year.


The event starts at 13:00 and the pod will be revealed at 14:00 during a short presentation. After the reveal the event will continue until 18:00. It is a walk-in event, this means that you can visit the event at every moment between 13:00 and 18:00. We recommend you to be there at 14:00 to watch the reveal!

Besides the reveal of Helios II, the Delft Hyperloop exhibiton will give you the opportunity to experience other projects and research done by the team, to get a full understanding of what the hyperloop actually is. You can walk around at the exhibition and aks our teammates all your questions. During the different track tours you are able to visit our track.

There will be foodstands during the event.


After 17:00 we will celebrate to reveal of Helios II with some drinks. 

We hope to see you there!

Delft Hyperloop VII

Join us at the Delft Hyperloop Pod Reveal
Choose public transport for a greener future!

Special bus for you from glimble

Our sponsor glimble provides a touring car bus between Delft station and the Pod Reveal.


Find your free bus here
This busstop is located right outside Delft Station: when leaving the train station walk towards the normal busstops. Take a turn to the right when you see restaurant "Pavarotti". There is a place here for train replacing transport, where the Delft Hyperloop bus will stop this day.

Hop on every half hour from 12:30 (leaving Delft station) till 18:45 (leaving Pod Reveal)

Don't worry if you have to wait for a while, the bus will come back!


Download travel app glimble on your phone
Download and show the glimble app on your phone for free acces to this bus. 
With this app you can also plan en pay for public transport all over the Netherlands, at no extra costs.


Download glimble travel app

Plan your journey here or directly in the glimble travel app:

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