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Testing our mechanical systems with Beckhoff computers

Delft Hyperloop has used a Beckhoff computer for several applications.

There is a test setup in Delft on which we can test multiple subsystems. The test setup consists of a flywheel that is connected to a motor. This allows speeds of up to 600 km/h to be simulated. For security reasons it is necessary to be able to control the test setup remotely. The test setup is controlled by two Beckhoff computers. One system that can be tested, for example, is the braking system. To perform the test, several sensors must be readable and the system must be controlled at the same time. It is very easy to connect different types of sensors and actuators to a Beckhoff computer. This is very beneficial for us as we test many different systems and therefore need to be able to connect different sensors on a regular basis. The Beckhoff computers are the perfect solution for this.

The Beckhoff computer was also used as a ground station to control the pod. We were able to run the necessary programs without any problems and could do so reliably. This ensured that we were able to show a great demonstration in Valencia.

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