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Delft Hyperloop & ERIKS work on the future of transportation

For the 2018 competition, Delft Hyperloop teamed up with industrial service provider ERIKS, which is now one of our main technical partners. It’s a B2B company that brings innovative solutions to a variety of industries such as nanotech, automotive, solar energy, aviation and even space exploration. ERIKS calls itself a ‘multi-product specialist’. We call it the best-kept secret of the technical world.

When the sponsorship contract was signed last year, we could not foresee how much we would be in contact with ERIKS’ specialists. These people are engineers by heart, technicians that are totally obsessed with their products. They share the Delft passion for technology and winning mentality that will – hopefully – make Atlas 01 achieve warp speed in July.

So far, ERIKS’ experts helped us design some of the pod’s most critical parts, a tough process that’s about making tough choices: selection of the motor, materials for the tires and several pneumatic parts for the brakes. They also connected us with some of their trusted partners, such as rubber experts ERT who supported us with the selection and production of the rubber for the pod’s tire.

Now that the design phase is completed, we work together on constructing parts. This includes a “world’s first” process: vulcanizing the rubber on the rim of the high-speed traction wheel. Stay tuned for the “aftermovie” of this vulcanizing process at ERIKS in Alkmaar!

Curious to learn more about ERIKS and what they do? You can find everything on their website.

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