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Online Course: Learn all about Hyperloop

Is Hyperloop really worth the hype? Is this passenger pod levitating in a vacuum tube a viable alternative to curb the environmental impact of current modes of transport?

Find out by enrolling in the MOOC Hyperloop: Changing the Future of Transportation!

This course has been designed by the Delft Hyperloop student team in collaboration with international experts and partner companies. The team won the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition 2017 and came in second during the 2018 edition!

Regardless of your background, this course will teach you how this technology works and will prove why it is worth investing in. Key topics include the core concepts behind Hyperloop, current developments in the technology, the future solutions Hyperloop will offer and the problems it faces.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the need for Hyperloop

  • Grasp the basic technical concepts of Hyperloop

  • Recognise the key hurdles for Hyperloop in the future

  • Develop your own ideas for Hyperloop

  • Gain more in-depth (technical) knowledge about Hyperloop by taking part in the extra activities

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