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Pushing the limits of innovative technology

The Hyperloop pushes the limits of transportation and composites engineering, lightweight but strong vehicles require high-performance structural components in order to meet speed and safety requirements. The Delft Hyperloop team met this challenge with the successful design and production of the chassis utilizing Carbon fiber prepregs from Toray Advanced Composites, therefore we selected another Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer system prepreg for the Battery box housing. The powertrain subsystem is a critical component of the overall design; it must be safely enclosed by the battery box housing with a high strength material. The complexity of the enclosure progressed during the project due to the overall vehicle design and called for specific choice in carbon fiber prepreg from Toray Advanced Composites.

The collaboration experienced with the engineers from Toray Advanced Composites’ Expert Services provided valuable expertise, together they chose Toray 8020 as the suitable Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer prepreg system, assuring excellent toughness and strength while maintaining light-weightness. The biggest advantage is the combination of high mechanical properties with the drapeability of the 200 gsm 2x2 twill prepreg providing the optimal solution for the production of complex shapes.

With the chosen Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer, the batteries are assured to be properly constrained during the run overcoming the demanding requirements. The collaboration with Toray Advanced Composites and Delft Hyperloop proves feasibility of advanced composite materials in pushing the limits of innovative technology.

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