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Testing at Sebert Vibration Technology B.V.

When building a hyperloop prototype, extensive testing is required. That's where has helped us with. We use these tests to make design choices, validate calculations, and avoid risks. This is a crucial element of creating a robust pod!

The Levitation Department conducted various drop tests to determine the most suitable safety wheels. Once they made their selection, they used compression machines to determine two things: first, how much the wheels would compress when the pod is placed on them, and second, how much pressure to apply to the shock absorbers for optimal performance.

The Mechanical Department conducted tests on the electric vibration table to identify the chassis' resonant frequencies and their impact on its functioning. They also performed vibration tests on the brakes of the pod to check if these vibrations unintentionally activate the brakes.

Lastly, the Propulsion Department also utilized the electric vibration table to test if their damping system exhibited the calculated properties. This helped validate their calculations and ensured that our pod will perform as expected.

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