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The collaboration with our main partner TBI

TBI is going on an incredible journey with us. This year, we strive to win all the awards of the European Hyperloop Week 2022 with TBI and all our other partners. This year we aim to implement new technical features in our pod. We are thankful for all the help from TBI.

TBI will provide our team with help on different problems. They share the knowledge of their engineers, programmers and developers where necessary. "Our employees enjoy collaborating and winning. Furthermore, the hyperloop offers a promising sustainable solution for the transport industry. This is why we would like to help Delft Hyperloop on their journey," says Douwe van den Wall Bake, manager of innovation.

Our team captain Patrick Sheppard is very excited: "We are thankful for the support and different expertise from TBI. They provide us with relevant insights and experiences in the field of design, realization and scalability of our system"

Realization of sustainable solutions

"The realization of sustainable solutions is the main focus in our strategy. This is why for the next couple of years, we will put more effort and time into the realization of sustainable solutions within TBI. The hyperloop concept is definitely still a long shot, but it appeals to the imagination, " says Bart van Breukelen (chairman of the board of TBI Holdings).

"In addition, our employees enjoy technical challenges and integration issues. We love to help ambitious projects become a reality."

About TBI

TBI is an organization that expands, arranges and maintains the environment with sustainable solutions. TBI is characterized by its flexible (network) organization. Together with 19 independent subsidiaries, they co-operatively work market oriented within the segments Technology, Construction and Infrastructure. TBI features high-end specialist expertise and has a diversified portfolio. In 2022, TBI celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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