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The Hyperloop VR Experience in collaboration with INDG and AltSpace

What will it be like to travel with Hyperloop? In our view, we will only really know this in ten to twenty years. However, like many we do not want to wait this long to board the new mode of transportation. To allow you to experience the Hyperloop now, we are developing the first big Hyperloop VR experience together with INDG and AltSpace two leading experts in digital experiences and computer graphics. This consortium of Titanium partners share our passion for technology, sustainability and are eager to show everyone how the Hyperloop will advance society and impact our lives. Through this lifelike and visually stunning VR experience, you will be able to walk through a Hyperloop station, board pods, and be among the first people to travel with Hyperloop. Are you curious to see this project first-hand? The VR will be unveiled during our Reveal of Atlas 02 presentation in the Auditorium of the TU Delft on June 3rd. To learn more about INDG and AltSpace, you can find everything on their websites and

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