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Toray X Delft Hyperloop

Since Delft Hyperloop 01 Toray Advanced Composites has been our composite sponsor and we are proud to annouce that they have helped us once more! They supplied us with their preimpregnated carbon fibre for our aeroshell, enabling our vehicle to be the lightest weight possible.

The aeroshell plays an important role in the Hyperloop system. It acts as a protective covering for the pod, ensuring aerodynamic efficiency and structural integrity during high-speed travel. The material used to construct the aeroshell must possess exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, temperature resistance, and flexibility to withstand the demanding conditions encountered within the Hyperloop tube.

Benefiting from valuable advice provided by Toray Advanced Composites, the engineers of Delft Hyperloop confidently opted for Toray's 8020 prepreg. With Toray's extensive technical knowledge and understanding of the demands of Delft Hyperloop, the engineers were able to make an informed decision. The 8020 prepreg, renowned for its impressive mechanical properties and temperature resistance, perfectly matched the demanding requirements of the aeroshell. By selecting Toray's 8020 prepreg, the Delft Hyperloop has successfully produce dan aeroshell that ensures the structural integrity, durability, and optimal performance of their pod, propelling them closer to the future of transportation.

We are thankful for the long-lasting partnership between Delft Hyperloop and Toray. The high quality aeroshell will play a big role in our chances at our competition where we are participating at the moment: The European Hyperloop week.

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