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Using LEMO connectors for hyperloop power distribution

After a successful collaboration between the Delft Hyperloop 04 team and LEMO the past year, it was decided to continue to work together for the new DH05 pod. The new hyperloop team was advised to use LEMO connectors for being robust, high-quality and easy to connect and disconnect.

The types and amounts of all connectors had to be decided in an early stage of the new pod build. Combined with the extensive catalogue of connector types and options meant we had to spend some time understanding what our requirements were and what LEMO connectors are best suited. Luckily, we got amazing support from the guys working at LEMO who were always ready to answer our questions! In the end we used a lot of B type PCB mounted connectors and K type through wall connectors. The K type connectors were used for our hall sensor units. These little sensor units are used for our position sensing system of the pod along the track. The units are placed on every crossbeam of our new 30-meter Linear Synchronous Motor track. With our track being placed outside, we required waterproof connectors, hence the K type connectors.

The products arrived sooner than expected, which is extremely valuable in our project where time is our biggest enemy. Everything we work on is due yesterday, so having products arrive a few days earlier means we get more time for testing a subsystem.

Installation of the connectors is relatively simple once you get the hang of it. The instructional videos guide you through the process. The end result looks extremely professional and neat. All of the connectors easily withstood rough handling throughout testing phases and survived a lot of logistic handling of our pod. In the end we found the most valuable thing being their ease of use. Connectors that are tricky to open can be a massive pain. Since we spent a large portion of our time testing, it was extremely nice to disconnect and connect sensors and electronics without any effort, time after time.

Massive thanks to LEMO for sponsoring Delft Hyperloop once again with their products and support!

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