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Delft Hyperloop VI presents...


Helios I is the new hyperloop design, created by Delft Hyperloop VI. Our team is very proud of what we have designed. With the Helios I we are taking 3 giant leaps to get closer to a fully scalable hyperloop prototype.

1. The Helios I will be a levitating pod, which uses Hybrid Electromagnetic Suspension (HEMS).

2. The Helios I will be hanging below our track instead of sitting on the track like a conventional train. The hanging design improves stability and makes way for potential High-Speed Lane Switching. We are the first student team to build a hanging hyperloop system.

3. The propulsion system which is designed for the Helios I will be an improved version of last years' design. It has an estimated efficiency of 80%. Furthermore, the designed system will be able to perform regenerative braking, which means we can regenerate energy by braking electrically. The system also contains an inhouse designed cooling system.

Did you miss our Design Reveal? Watch it on YouTube with the link below!

Design Reveal link: