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Meet the people of DH08

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With a team of 29 highly motivated students from various disciplines of the Delft University of Technology, we will participate in the European Hyperloop Week (EHW). Our goal is to win the full pod award and both scalability awards at the EHW and demonstrate the full-scale potential of the Hyperloop concept. 

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The Team Captain holds the final responsibility for the project, he is the face of DH08 and also manages the human resources side of the team. The Project Manager is responsible for guiding the project by creating the planning, monitoring progress and managing the budget. The Chief Engineer is responsible for the final product of this year and ensures that all subsystems are integrated well, resulting in the best pod at the European Hyperloop Week!


Cem Celikbas

Team Captain


Matthijs van Lent

Project Manager


Kosma Krzyżanowski

Chief Engineer


The business department consists of Partnerships Managers and Public Relations Managers. They are responsible for the image and appearance towards the public and our partners. Partnerships managers are in contact with all the current and new partners of Delft Hyperloop. In addition they are responsible for the incoming funds of the team. Public relations managers educate the public about the hyperloop concept. They also manage the press, events and social media of the team. They aim to reach as many people as possible, so the hyperloop will be seen as a reality! The Design engineers work on visualizing the hyperloop concept by creating innovative designs of the hyperloop system. With their research and visualization they stimulate the implementation of the hyperloop concept. The lead business also takes care of the team logistics. 


Sebastiaan Reinders

Lead Business & Operations


Steef van Marwijk Kooy

Partnerships Manager


Eva Hagen

Partnerships Manager


Noor Rinkes

Public Relations Manager


Olivier Lam

Public Relations Manager


Nanko Hefting

Design Engineer


David Stam

Design Engineer


Derk Hermans

Design Engineer


Full-Scale engineers contribute to the development of an optimized hyperloop system by solving a wide range of current hyperloop challenges. They research the technical and socio-economic challenges of the hyperloop. In collaboration with partners, they work towards extensive research reports that contribute to a scalable hyperloop system.


Julian Koot

Lead Scalability


Jorg Scheepens

Full-Scale Engineer


The propulsion department is responsible for developing the motor of the hyperloop pod. The propulsion engineers focus on developing the linear motor, which uses magnetic force to propel the pod to high speeds. The linear motor is the most efficient type of engine for the hyperloop and allows the hyperloop to be a scalable and sustainable system.


Joep Stuyfzand

Lead Propulsion


Bjarne Moro

Propulsion Engineer


Daan Broers

Propulsion Engineer


Kunal Mathur

Propulsion Engineer


Beer Mook

Propulsion Engineer

Sense & Control

The Sense & Control department takes care of controlling the pod. In order to determine the pod’s behaviour and allow for autonomous and safe decision-making, they ensure that all kinds of data are being measured, processed, and acted upon accordingly. This includes sensors in each subsystem, as well as monitoring ambient quantities and deriving a localisation system.


Guus Backelandt

Lead Sense & Control

logo grote zwarte achtergrond vierkant.png

Andreas Tsatsanis

Sense & Control Engineer


Francisco Amaro

Sense & Control Engineer


The powertrain division is responsible for providing the pod with the necessary power. Diverse power electronics are employed to ensure that all subsystems receive the appropriate electricity precisely when needed. The source of energy are batteries, which must be utilized within their safe operating range.


Maxence Simonart

Lead Powertrain


Yana Brodskaya

Powertrain electrical engineer


The Mechanical department consists of mechanical and aerospace engineers. They work on the development of a prototype system to compete in the European Hyperloop Week. The mechanical engineer focus on designing the chassis, brakes, aeroshell and the track on which the pod is going to operate. Choices are made in close collaboration with the other engineering departments and partners in order to make a well-integrated and realistic design.


Antonin Malbos

Lead Mechanical

logo grote zwarte achtergrond vierkant.png

Dimitrios Bosch

Mechanical Engineer


Xi Ming Tsai

Mechanical Engineer


Joep Keulemans 

Mechanical Engineer


The Levitation department is working on developing a levitating system. Our function is to ensure that the pod is suspended without making physical contact with the track. this year, we are setting the bar quite high for the levitation system, but together with this highly motivated and skilled group of engineers we are surely on the right track to succeed!


Seb Biessen

Lead Levitation

logo grote zwarte achtergrond vierkant.png

Sjoerd Homburg

Levitation Engineer

logo grote zwarte achtergrond vierkant.png

Zian Liu

Levitation Engineer

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